Where does the steam from the steam cleaner come from

Summary:1. Where does the steam of the steam cleaner come from?The working principle of the steam cleaning machine is to speed u...
1. Where does the steam of the steam cleaner come from?

The working principle of the steam cleaning machine is to speed up the movement speed of the resistant molecules on the dirt surface through the steam generated by high temperature, and achieve the purpose of eliminating all kinds of stubborn stains by destroying the bonding force between them. Then you know the steam of the steam cleaning machine. come?

The steam cleaning machine generates steam and hot water by electrifying and heating the water, just like the working principle of the steam ironing machine, the electromagnetic pump is used to pressurize.

2. What is the effect of the steam cleaning machine?

By using a special steam generation system with a water pump, clean water can be quickly converted into powerful steam at high temperature and pressure within seconds. At the same time, all kinds of bacteria, mites, microorganisms and pathogens attached to the object are completely eliminated. With various convenient accessories such as nozzle brushes, the environmental protection concept does not require any chemical reagents, and the decontamination is fast and efficient. It is widely used in sterilization, dust removal, decontamination, oil removal and odor removal. It is suitable for unit and household use.

The steam brush can be directly used for the daily cleaning of the floor, and it can thoroughly clean the doors, windows, mirrors, sofas, floors, bathroom utensils and many corners that are difficult to clean every day. It can also clean kitchen utensils such as gas stoves, range hoods, etc. It is a good assistant for housewives.

This type of product has been sold abroad for many years, and households above developed countries in Europe and the United States regard the steam cleaner as an ideal cleaning appliance for daily life, which is accepted by consumers. When used, the effect is very good.