Is the steam mop useful? After reading this article, you will know

Summary:The downstairs Bao Ma met me several times recently and always said: "That steam mop is very useful. Everyone in our com...

The downstairs Bao Ma met me several times recently and always said: "That steam mop is very useful. Everyone in our community is crazy to buy it. Would you like to buy one for your family?"


Steam mop? Is it like a wireless vacuum cleaner?

Recently, the steam mop is very windy, especially the housewives who have used it are full of praise for it, so there are dozens of tens of thousands, and there is a trend of manual one like a vacuum cleaner.
However, our housewives strive to do the most with the least money. Before this wind affects you, let's do our homework first. What the hell is a steam mop? What is the difference between sweeping with mopping function? If you buy, what are the purchase points? After understanding these, it is not too late to decide whether to buy or not!
Mopping the floor has always been a heavy chore that we can't get around, especially for people with higher living environment requirements, the floor of the house must be cleaned once a day to meet their needs for living environment Traditional mop mopping is a very laborious and time-consuming task, so many people choose to use steam mop instead, but is the steam mop that has only recently become popular? How does it work? Let ’s take a look today.

Working principle of steam mop

The principle of the steam mop is to heat the water to generate pressure and high temperature, directly sterilize and sterilize by high temperature and high pressure steam, and clean the home environment. The steam mop generally has the functions of high temperature sterilization and oil stain removal. Using high pressure to generate steam, it can be cleaned and sterilized, and it is easy to deal with difficult dirt. Whether it is the greasy dirt of the kitchen range hood, the growth of mold in the wet bathroom, or the car engine and interior, etc., the steam mop quickly removes the dirt, saving time and effort, economical and affordable. There is no need to add any cleaning agent, which is fully in line with economic principles. Compared with the traditional mop, the advantages of the steam mop are particularly obvious. It does not require people to bend over and scrub back and forth, and only needs to control the direction of the mop to complete the floor cleaning, which is both time-saving and labor-saving.