The source of outdoor mosquito killer lamp has good mosquito repellent effect

Summary:Nowadays, residential quarters, parks, factories, and squares generally have large lawns, and the green belt brings a go...
Nowadays, residential quarters, parks, factories, and squares generally have large lawns, and the green belt brings a good environment and a large number of mosquitoes. Especially in the rainy summer, humid environment, and patches of lawn green plants, mosquitoes are hard to prevent. How to repel mosquitoes on lawns has become an important task for property management parties.

One is spraying pesticides. This is the practice of many residential properties, and they have been regularly sterilized since the end of spring. There are several disadvantages of disinfecting operations that have to be said:

1. Chemicals are poisonous and have certain pollution to the environment, which is not in line with the concept of environmental protection and green life. Therefore, the frequency of disinfecting should not be too high. In addition, for villa residents, who is willing to spray pesticides for mosquito control on villa lawns? The yard is a well-built world, and repelling mosquitoes with pesticides will only reduce the quality of life.

2. The effect of killing and repelling mosquitoes is not sustainable. Drugs are time-effective, and only when they are disinfected can they kill mosquitoes. Once the expiration date has passed, many mosquitoes will gather on the lawn.

 3. disinfecting affects the use of lawns. Before the sterilization operation, residents should be specially notified to stay away from the sterilization area temporarily, and take care of children and pets to avoid accidents. The lawn is also unusable for a period of time after the disinfecting operation. Looking at the good lawn, can't go up to play football, how anxious children are.

4. The cost of disinfecting is not low. Disinfection requires special personnel to operate, labor costs, equipment costs, and drug procurement costs are not small costs, which are not economical.

Conclusion: How Does Lawn Repel Mosquitoes? Pesticide disinfecting is out of date!

Electric Shock Mosquito Killer

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The other is to install outdoor mosquito killer lamps to control the living environment of mosquitoes from the source. Outdoor mosquito killer lamps play a great role in repelling mosquitoes on lawns, which are mainly reflected in:

 1. Environmental protection and mosquito control, do not pollute the environment. The principle of outdoor mosquito killer lamp is to attract mosquitoes to gather by emitting mosquito-sensitive 365nm light waves. The mosquitoes were killed by electric shock when they touched the high-voltage power grid as they flew towards the light source. From attracting mosquitoes to killing mosquitoes, it is a physical method without the use of chemical agents.

2. The outdoor mosquito killer lamp has high safety and is harmless to the human body, and does not affect the normal use of the lawn during work. Mosquito lamps are generally installed around the lawn area, close to the green belt.

3. The price of mosquito killer lamp is not high, and it is economical. Mosquito-killing lamps are not high-tech equipment. Mosquito-killing lamps for lawn mosquito repellents are only 100-300 yuan, and there are discounts for bulk purchases. Compared with killing operations, the cost of outdoor mosquito killing lamps is similar.

4. The outdoor mosquito killing lamp has good mosquito repellent effect. Mosquito-killing lamps only work during the peak period of mosquito activity, and work until the mosquito-killer rests. And there is no expiration date, as long as there is a little bit, the mosquito killer will continue to work.